About Us

Backyardz n Billiardz was founded in 2000 in Grande Prairie, AB. In 2006, it was purchased by Brooke and George, who moved to Grande Prairie from Red Deer. In early 2010 we moved our store to a larger location to better serve the entire Peace River region and we look forward to growing with the area for many years to come.

Store History

Brooke worked at Beachcomber Hot Tubs in Red Deer before moving to Grande Prairie to take over Backyardz n Billiardz. She knew that Beachcomber was the only company to meet her high standards. In 2008 we changed the name of the company to Beachcomber Hot Tubs and Home Leisure. We are a customer service orientated business and one of the services that we provide is our water care classes held once a month. We are proud to provide services from High Level/Rainbow Lake, to Grande Cache, to Fox Creek to the B.C. border with our main center being of course, Grande Prairie. Besides Beachcomber Hot Tubs we sell Pool Tables, Visscher Gazebos, Napoleon BBQs, and all kinds of indoor games and game room accessories.

Why Beachcomber

When we were ready to expand out from Red Deer, there was no question in our mind that Beachcomber Hot Tubs was the only hot tub line that we were interested in. From their quality, history, dealer and customer support, to their passion for family, friends, and loved ones that both George and I share there was no question as to what type of hot tub store we wanted to own. It is easy to see that right from Keith Scott to everyone here in Grande Prairie the customer really is our top priority, and that is why we are proud to be a Beachcomber dealer. In 2007 we were awarded Beachcomber Plus Most Improved as well as Most Promising Beachcomber dealership. In 2009, 2012 and 2013 we were awarded the Beachcomber Plus Dealer of the year. Most recently we were awarded the Beachcomber Store of The Year for Unique Centers for 2014.